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I just packed all the gear that I will be bringing with me to Vietnam.  I just need to print out my flight itinerary and my hotel reservation.

A little backstory

Two super quick dry and smell free boxer briefs, a cotton pair for just in case, and two pair of coolmax hiking socks.

One pair of pants, four quick dry shirts.

Towel that dries pretty fast.  Sadly it is small..

Super important stuff right here.

135L, rocketblower, lens pen, and 2 CP filters.  The 1D3 and 35L are also coming with me. Just using them to photograph this.

Other necessities.  Book and journal.

No, Mitzy, you aren’t going with me.

Not pictured but will be going with me, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletpaper, Emergen-C packs, and chewable pepto bismo pills.

I am packing super light for this adventure.  Not only cause I want to be pretty light, but also, I can get a lot of stuff I need there.