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My parents left Vietnam in the late 60s bringing with them next to nothing as they fled to the United States.  Fear of the war, socioeconomic realities, and thoughts of a better life fueled their desire to leave.

My father, becoming a mechanical engineer, and mother gave birth to four rambunctious sons and raised us in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Over the years, I was asked by my relatives when I would go to visit Vietnam.

In March of 2011, after deciding to not go to Spain, my brother Eric, wife Ann, and son Vincent, are going to Vietnam for about 4 weeks.  Eric wanted to go there for Lasik surgery; for those that might not know what lasik is, its laser surgery to correct your eyes.  He’s had poor eyesight since childhood and mulled over this for years.  But in Vietnam?  He checked out FV hospital, where the operation would be, in Ho Chi Minh City and read all the reviews and research.  Still to get lasik in Vietnam?

He, eventually, decided to do the procedure in the states, which was the best choice.  Not only was the certainty of success of the procedure in question, but also after the surgery.  For a couple weeks after the procedure, his eyes were burning, weren’t focusing, (his doctor said that was normal) and full of eye boogers.  Certainly not something he wanted to experience while in Vietnam.

My interest was mainly to see Angkor Wat to be perfectly honest.

The only reason why we went during the summer, hot and monsoon season, was because of Vincent.  Ideally, we would have went in November when it would have been a little cooler.  I asked myself, other than Angkor Wat, how often would I be able to travel with my nephew?

So I booked my ticket with Continental Airlines for my flight to Vietnam from July 20th to August 4th.  And got a multi-visit visa to Vietnam.