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Packing Days
Middle of June, we took an excursion to North Carolina where Eric and Ann were conducting research on opening a frozen yogurt shop somewhere in or around the Boston area.  North Carolina is where a lot of the fro.yo. producing is done.  Or at least the machines and materials.

The day before they went to their workshop, we went to the US whitewater center for some adventure sporting fun.  We went white water rafting and mountain biking.  It was then where I rekindled my joy of biking.

That night, over dinner at an Olive Garden, we spoke about our itinerary of Vietnam among other things.

We are playing it by ear.

That was fine by me, as long as we see the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I am good.

After returning home from North Carolina, I bought a Specialized mountain bike at a consignment sale at Denizen and Quigleys.  And have been biking since.  I stopped biking after pulling a muscle in my legs while biking in Killarney, Ireland.

With my bike, I rode down some trails in fairmount park in Philadelphia, when I took a spill.  This spill allowed my do a flip off my bike and onto the trail, with minor bruises to my right wrist and leg.  Only a week and a half before my flight to Vietnam.

July 20th came soon after.  During the lull period from my excursion to North Carolina to now, I bought breathable clothes that also whisks away water allowing them to be cleaned fast and odor free.

Using my Kelty backpack, that I used in Italy. I packed extremely light.  Only bringing along two pairs of pants, four shirts, two boxer/briefs, and two pairs of socks.  I brought my 1D3, 35L,135L, and iPad.

It turns out that Vincent busted his shoes.  So it is uncle Ted to the rescue!

Packed and ready, I was all set for my adventure tomorrow.