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Stories with Bananagrams and mystery Ice!
I woke up with Eric and Ann dropping Vincent off at my room.  Making use of the free food, Vincent and I went for breakfast.  Even if we just ate jam and toast.  The apple juice tasted funny, as well as the coffee so we didn’t really finish our drinks.Back in my room, we made stories combining his story cubes and bananagrams.  The stories that Vincent and I would come up were quite fun.  It’s a pity I didn’t write them down for the journal.

We actually spent a long time playing bananagrams, along with jumping across the beds, till Eric and Ann came back.  They came back so that all of us could go for lunch.

I was being led to Sen, the restaurant that Ann told me that I should go to.  It was on the opposing street of the street that I did walk along.  We went inside to the sitting lounge, since Vincent loves that because it reminds him of anything Japanese.  It was cool to sit down like this to eat, but, to be seated like this for a long meant sleepy butts.  If you know what I mean.We ordered Lau.  A hot pot and some sushi for Vincent.   It was a medium sized pot, with fresh veggies and noodles outside.  It was a cool experience.

When we were done we went back to the hotel, as Eric and Ann had another appointment.  This time, Vincent and I didn’t do all too much other than try to take nap.  At 3 pm though, the hotel called so they could clean my room.  Couldn’t they have done that when we were gone from 12 to 2 pm?

Tired and groggy, we went to the rooftop deck to lounge about for about a half hour or so before heading back to our hotel room.  The nap was needed, damn it!

6 pm rolled around and I thought it would be good to get a snack with Vincent.  Got a pizza, dragon fruit shake, and a Heineken for me.

I saw this guy, with 6 empty Tiger bottles and ordering more beer.  This reminded me of Eric telling me of him seeing guys downing the beer in the early mornings.

Vincent was worried that he had the mystery ice in his drink.  Mystery ice in Vietnam is the ice that they break and chop up on the streets.  If you know anything about the street there, you know you don’t want to get that kinda ice- people publicly urinate wherever they please.  Because of that disease such as typhoid and other water borne illnesses are caught.

Hearing our conversation, the waitresses thought we wanted something more.  We would if our pizza came out already!  It was already thirty minutes and it was likely that the pizza was small.

Which it was.

Eric and Ann came back and we all went to Saigon Vegan for dinner.  The food was actually pretty good and it was right outside our hotel!  But it wasn’t just me who was oblivious of it, Eric was as well!

They were out of ingredients for Pho!  What?  How is that even possible?  My second choice was also out too!

We ate and then met up with Ann’s mom and cousin to go to get some coffee at this coffee shop in the French Quarter of HCMC.

Mmm.. wax apples! Too bad you should really eat fruit that you can peel.

On our walk towards the French quarter, we walked through some outdoor vendors.  But in the middle of our journey, it started to downpour.  I mean downpour!  But that didn’t put a hamper on Ann, her mom, and cousin’s shopping or “window” shopping.  

Finally giving in, we hailed a taxi to take us to the Rex plaza for coffee.  The building was seriously tall.  And drinks pricey.  I had a 787 Bomber which was Baileys, Kahlua’s and coffee.  

Tomorrow Ann, Eric, and Vincent had a photo shoot, so we went back to our hotel to snooze and rest.