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Hunting for the Elusive Pho!
Oddly, I woke up at 4 AM and could not go back to sleep.  So I spent that time watching movie trailers, primarily Captain America!  I was really excited to see the movie.  It just sucked that it was released while I was in Vietnam.  Finding a theater that would show it without subtitles would be difficult.  The next movie that I am excited to see is Sherlocke Holmes: Game of Shadows, set to be released in December!  Going to be a good year, but next year is going to be so much better- Avengers and the Dark Knight Rising!I eventually started to ponder if I should really go check out the chu chi tunnels, so I googled it.  Checking out the pagodas it is.  I was more interesting photographic pursuits rather than historical lessons.

Eric, Vincent, and I took a taxi ride to Chinatown in district 10 to look at the pagodas.  I googled the pagodas, initially, and what I saw I liked- multi storied buildings on a grassy hill…

They were all one story and falling apart.  HCMC is one big urban sprawl, so the image of a multi story pagoda on a green hill was definitely not in the city.

There were some cool scenes watching people pray and burn papers asking for blessings.  Vincent borrowed Eric’s 7D and joined the shooting party.  
After the third pagoda, we decided to head back to the hotel to get Ann so they can start their FOB photo-shoot.  

Boy was this long!  Near the end I started to fall asleep, even with the aid of coffee!  I couldn’t last, so after they were done and started to review the images, I went back since I didn’t have to watch Vincent.

At 5:40 pm, I met them at Saigon Vegan for dinner.

They did not have Pho.

Say it again.

They did not have pho!

They ran out of ingredients!  Third day straight!   There is NO excuse!

So instead I ordered the dish that Vincent had the other day.  

When we were finished, we went back to our hotel in time before the torrential downpour flooded the area.  It rained so hard the streets were flooded to the ankle.  I am pretty sure it was mainly because of their sewage system being stuffed with trash that led to the flooding.  Because of the flooding, we postponed our gelato hunt for some good ol’internet and bananagrams.
The water brought up a foul and rancid odor from the sewers.  It was foul.

At 9 pm, it stopped raining. That was Eric’s, Vincent’s and my queue to begin our gelato hunting while trying to avoid all of the water lakes.  We went to the gelato place I spotted a little while ago, called Orange Gelato.

The interior was very nice and there was actually thought put into its design.  Vincent and I tried various flavors, ultimately choosing the last two.  Vincent being the lucky guy got three scoops!

Not bad.  Not bad at all!