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Finally found Pho (and a good one)!!
The last day in HCMC for this leg of the adventure, we will be heading to Cambodia tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see the Angkor Wat!
Originally I left for to look for Pho, but, I was lured in with pastries and coffee.  The quintessential European breakfast.  Wait!  In Vietnam?Vietnamese pastries are actually really good mainly because of the influence from the French.  It was a French colony before its revolution.  The influence left behind French Baguettes, Croissants, custards, nearly all tasty baked pastry!

When I went back, I watched over Vincent as Ann and Eric had to head out for Ann’s appointment.

Once they came back, Eric, Vincent and I, went to get our tickets at the Sinh Tourist group while Ann, her mom, and cousin went to a salon.  I also went to the Banh Mi stand to get some hoagies.

It was right outside of the Sen restaurant, which was out of ingredients.  Doesn’t anyone in this country stock up on ingredients??  She sent someone to the next banh mi vendor to buy the bread, but still was missing some ingredients to complete the banh mi.

Since it took a while for her to make the banh mi, Eric, Ann, Vincent, Ann’s mom, and Ann’s cousin met me at the stand.

We hailed a taxi to take us to the market to buy food and snacks for our bus ride to Cambodia tomorrow.  Two hours later we finished and Ann’s mom wanted to treat us out to ice cream.  But we didn’t want to go for ice cream so we went back to the hotel.  

Back in the hotel I was thinking I should check out Dalat or Mekong on the last stretch of the trip.  Since Eric and Ann’s room were being cleaned they stayed in mine till we went for a late lunch.  

Our stomachs were growling, so we went out for a stroll down Bui Vien street where we found a place down an alleyway.  We found a vegetarian restaurant and….


I was ecstatic that I found Pho finally!  And amazingly, the Pho came out really fast!


A couple minutes later Jana, a girl from Germany, came in and asked what we ordered.  Subsequently ordered it as well!


She was originally traveling with her boyfriend in Thailand, but he had to go back to Germany.
“Hey, Jana, since you are a vegetarian, do you find it hard eating out in Germany?”  I had to ask.  I always wanted to go to Germany, but, reading that it wasn’t exactly vegetarian friendly made the decision pretty easy to say not to go to.

“There is a growing development of vegetarian places to go to, but it is still hard.”

Some hope for me to go to Germany!  I love the things Germany manufactures.  I am still lusting over the Leica, even though, I can’t afford it.

When we finished we wished Jana well on her travels and went back to our hotel room.  But we were still hungry, so a little later we went out for dinner.  

It was soon t shirt shopping time!  We went to some small shops where I bought two “iPho” shirts.  An orange one for me and a blue one for dad.  It was, soon, getting late and I still wanted to get a hair cut.  

We went down the road to a salon called “Salon Girl” which said its cuts were 60.000 dong.  Ok sounds good.

“Hey, Vincent, Uncle Ted is getting a haircut in a salon!”


Why?  Good question.  I wanted a trim, but I didn’t need one.  But I was already sitting on the salon chair.  The haricutter showed some pictures, but, I don’t want to look like the stylized asians!  

After my trim they took me back to the get my hair washed and then massaged my head without letting me know.  I thought I was just going to get a shampoo!  When I saw the bill it came to 90.000 dong, 5 dollars in US, but the fact that they slipped in the massage when no one informed me was entirely shady!  Especially when we, mainly Ann telling them in Vietnamese, that I just wanted a trim.  A trim!!  They claimed that I said I wanted one, but no one said a word to me.

Even in Vietnamese.

Oh well.