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What?!  The bus hit the Moped?!

We are leaving for Cambodia today!  With that excitement, 4 am.  Since most of my gear was packed last night, I spent my time sending emails and tweets.
Dangling my feet off the bed, I looked up at my ceiling as well as my ipad as I waited for 5 am to check out.  We had to be at the Sinh Cafe at 6 am since our bus leaves at 6:30 am.  The bus trip will take 12 hours (officially) 14-15 hours (unofficially).

I went down to the register to check out at 5:10 am, when the clerk tried to claim that I drank something from the bar.

“You drank a can of coke from the bar.”

“No. I didn’t.  I only drank the things I bought and put into the fridge.”

“Oh.  Ok.  Nevermind.”

Wait what?

When Eric, Ann, and Vincent came down, I realized that we have a lot of stuff.  My day pack was pretty heavy because of the water and snacks inside the bag.  It didn’t help that on the way to the bus, I carried one of Eric’s and Ann’s bag for them.

When we got to the Sinh Cafe, we waited till 6:30 am for the cafe to open so we can check in and for Eric to stash one of their luggage in there for the week.  I saw three cute girls, but, I think they were college students.  hmmm…

Eric checked us all in and we loaded onto the bus.

When we got to the border we had to leave the bus twice to check out of Vietnam and to enter Cambodia.  It was in a very cramped building with lots of people trying to get through.  

After going through customs and two hours into our bus ride, we passed a ferry where we were able to stop for a little bit.  Ann and I made our way to the bathrooms, but, we were told that we had to pay someone.  No one was there.. sweet!  Although I did forget the toilet paper that Ann could have used.  Vincent didn’t have to go, but when the bus was about to start moving he did.


When Eric and Vincent came back, the bus drove towards the ferry.  All the people begging and peddling things had to jump off and out of the bus’s way, since the bus driver has been yelling at them to get off of the bus’s steps.  

We drove through villages on the main road to our first stop Phenom Pehn where we would have to transfer onto another bus.

After the 2nd village, about 2 hours into Cambodia a moped driver swerved into our lane and hit the bus.  Oh shit!

From the other passengers looking, it looks like he got away with scratches and scrapes.  Thank goodness!  But we had to wait 2 hours for another bus to come and take us the rest of the way since, the current bus had to stay for legal reasons.  We waited at this meeting place, not knowing what was going on.  Most of us had to go to the bathroom, so we left since we weren’t moving anywhere.

“The bathroom is back there.”  the man pointed to the shed.  Ah classic Cambodian bathrooms.  A little outhouse without toilet paper or flushing toilets.  This outhouse was right in the field where the water ox were working the field.  

We were finally told a bus would be coming to bring us to Phenom Pehn in twenty minutes.  That twenty minutes turned into an hour, which was not comfy and the driver thoroughly enjoyed honking the horn.

I tried to go to sleep, but with the dirt road being really tight and bumpy and with a bus driver enjoying the honking, no sleep could be found on this ride.

I was only able to get an hour of sleep in before we finally got to Phenom Pehn to change buses.  When we got to the station, I had to rocket crap because we had to load into the next bus immediately!  Go!

Eric, meanwhile, ordered us some food, as I was crapping!

When we loaded into the new bus, Eric brought my meal to me as he was sitting in front with Ann.  We had to sit in our assigned seats, and Vincent didn’t want to sit next to me.  Silly boy, I am a big guy it is hard for me not to bump into him in such a tight spot.

About 9 pm, we made it to Siam Reap.  While everyone was tired, Vincent was incredibly active- running around in circles and jumping around.

Eric called our hotel for our tuktuk driver, who also opened the hotel for us, checked us in, and brought our luggage up.  Whoa.

A tuktuk was a moped with a carriage.

We got our room through these nicely scented wooden stairs.  There were wood carvings everywhere!

When we got to our room we dropped our things off and went back downstairs for dinner.