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Gone Tuk Tuking.

Vincent didn’t want to get up.  He was pretty grumpy.  But since today was our last full day in the Angkor Wat and we still have not seen everything, we tried to get to see what we could in our remaining hours.  
Our breakfast was finished and since this one temple was an hour tuk tuk drive away we left early.The temple we were going to see was unique in that it was not commissioned by the king, rather a king’s teacher.  This temple was known as the temple of women.  It used a red tinted sandstone for the building material.

We first stopped at a small temple on the way, but didn’t stay too long since of our drive out to the main stop was far.

When we did get to the temple of women, we went to the bathroom where this guy selling stuff actually talked Eric into buying something!  Gasp!  Well it was a book, but still, after 10 minutes of the guy trying to squeeze a deal, Eric caved and bought one.  While Vincent was walking towards me I spotted a cute girl on the side…

We made our way to the red sand stone temple where we saw a horde of tourists who were not only standing on delicate stone, but were talking so loud it destroyed the calm atmosphere.  They were obviously not interested in the temple at all.

We left the temple to look around the surrounding areas, while we waited for the other tourists to leave.

When we returned to the entrance of the temple, the other tourists left when we went back to enjoy the place all to ourselves.  

On our way back to the main locations, we stopped by the one temple made very famous.  The temple with an overgrown tree growing on top of it!  I believe it was shown in Tomb Raider.  We met some interesting Americans there teaching children games and drawing.

The better way to interact with the natives!

Our next decision was to see the floating islands for the sunset.  Remember my last entry?  Well when we went to the old market, for lunch when it started to pour.  So there goes that idea of going to the floating islands!

So we went to the restaurant, NYDC, which gave its profits to charity.

Eric mistaken my drink for his, so he drank my entire root beer bomber drink, which was good.  But Eric’s peach drink was fantastic!  Lucky mistake!

After we finished our food, we went to the store to buy some travel food, since we decided to not go to the floating islands.  Since this was our last day and Kim has been great, one of the things I left him other than a big and nice tip was my pretty, actually really, expensive poncho.

Later that evening, we went back to NYDC for dinner.  I actually wanted to stay at the hotel so I could go to sleep, but Ann and Vincent coaxed me to go.