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When your bus breaks down, fix it.
We had to leave.  You can insert a sob story here, cause we didn’t want to go!  But we had to.

Waking up at 5 am Kim took us back to the Sinh Cafe for our bus back to Phenom Penh.  Taking his business card, we said our goodbyes.  I hope to come back to Siam Reap aand him as my tuk tuk driver.  You really create a bond with your tuk tuk drivers, so if you head out there be prepared for some people who know customer service!

It was hard to say bye to Angkor Wat.  We could have probably stayed longer, but we decided to head back into Vietnam anyway.

It only took a few hours into our trip when the bus’s suspension balloon popped.  Great!  The first place we stopped to investigate, the other passengers thought it was their right to invade a local’s shack to wait and use their bathroom while waiting for the bus.  Now that was extremely rude!  And.  They didn’t take off their shoes.  What.the.heck?

The bus let off a loud honk to get everyone back into the bus as we had to go to the next village to find a bus and truck repair place.  The owner of the shop came out to give the bus driver and his helper tools.  But the driver and the aide did all the work.  If you drive a bus in this neck of the woods, you have to also be your own mechanic!  

But we didn’t have a spare balloon, so we had to wait for a passing bus to give us one of theirs.  If they would stop.

Meanwhile, the tourists decided it was their right to take pictures and swarm the children of the owner.  With nothing to give back to them.  That is extremely rude and unethical!  Any readers reading this, who also photograph, if you pull people aside to photograph, give them something; tools for education or at the least money.  I wouldn’t necessarily give money as that will then lead them to believe that they won’t need an education and they could just rely on tourist money.

An hour and a half into this, they got the part and repaired the part.  And off we went to Phenom Pehn with the bus driver honking like a madman!  On the way, we saw other buses pulled over for the same reason as ours.
We finally got to Phenom Pehn and just like arriving, I had to quickly deliver the kids to the pool.  We had to leave immediately!  When I finished, I saw our guide who was the guy we drove in with.

Luckily this time, the bus driver of this bus did not see the need to honk as much as the other one.  Thank goodness!  I could actually sleep in the bus… well, sort of .

When we finally got back to Ho Chi Minh City, we went back to our first hotel that I made a reservation.  I reserved a room for three adults and one child, but the clerk said I booked for 1 adult.  In the notes of the field it says three and one child.  But since we were only staying for one day he let us slide.  Strange.

But we only stayed for one night anyway.  We could have decided to stay a little longer, but you know, let’s not.  By this time, I wanted a personal adventure so I decided tomorrow I will go to Dalat.

We went to Sen for dinner, where the service was pretty slow and our servers were pretty clueless- bringing us the wrong dishes, not bringing us and then bringing us and then not bringing us our utensils.  Uhm.  great.

But the food was good, like expected.