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Day 14

I had some good sleep regardless of the cast poking into my chest.  Then Eric knocked on my door for me to watch Vincent.  Little did I know it was 9 am already.

9 am?!  It felt like 7!

Then again there were no windows for me to know that the sun was out.  I went back and forth from Eric’s and my room to brush my teeth and watch Vincent.

But once I finished getting dressed and brushed my teeth, Vincent and I went downstairs to get a pastry breakfast.  The breakfast had more variety than Duc Voung’s but, it was mainly meat and pastries.  We ate as much pastries as we could stomach it and went back to watch cartoons.

When Eric and Ann came back, I went back to my room to re pack my things.  Since I am with one hand, I had to pack my things efficiently.  Since I had to check out at 12, I started to pack at 10 am.  I packed all my books into my check in back, all the plugs that I don’t need in there, and any non essentials and expensive things in there.  This way my day pack will only have my xrays and journal and my camera bag having my camera, ipad, and pens.

After I finished, I stashed my things in Eric’s hotel room and we went to check out.

We went for lunch and a stroll around the city.  I learned who those guys in dark olive green were.  They were tourist police who helped tourist cross the street in HCMC.  We stopped at this corner ice cream shop to get some ice cream.  The dishes were pretty small.  Hmmm…

We finished our ice cream, which wasn’t long at all and went back to our hotel room to relax from the heat.  Taking a little breather in the mid day was perfectly normal when traveling in Vietnam.

We stayed in till 5 pm when we went back out to get one last dinner together, since I will be leaving for the airport at 8 pm.  My flight wasn’t till 11 pm, but I rather be there early.  We went to dinner at this one alleyplace eatery that we have been to before.  We ordered our food and I got some banh mi to go.

The Banh mi was finally finished when we were about to go!  And those are usually really fast to make too!

Since it was almost my time to go, I said my byes to Eric, Ann, and Vincent.  Proper ones this time.

“Have a safe flight back!”

“Let us know what happens when you see the doctor!”


I hopped into the Vinasun taxi to grab my gear at the hotel.  I went into the bathroom to wash up a bit and didn’t realize my cast knocking over the glass cup.  Shit!

Next thing I needed to happen.  Breaking something from the hotel.  So I cleaned it up, left a note, and money for them.  And keeping just enough for my taxi fare to the airport.

This time on the way back there was no parking ticket fee.  Sheesh, that guy from when I got here was trying to pull a fast one.  Good thing I was impatient and jetted that taxi!  I gave this taxi driver money and tip, since I didn’t need the rest of the dong.

Grabbed my gear I went into the airport.