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The flight home

I didn’t check my flight itinerary before I got to the airport.  Which I should have.  The flight numbers on the check in board were not matching up to my original flight print out.

Uh oh!

I luckily was able to charge dad’s cell just long enough for one last call to Eric.  Eric found my new number to be UA967 and I was flying with ANA, All Nippon Airways!

Now knowing my new flight number, I checked in at 9 PM.  The process of check in and security was really fast in Vietnam!  They did feel up my arm with the cast, but that was it!  I was on my way!  But the good news ended there.

When I went down to my gate, there was this kid giving one of the worst fits I have ever heard!  He was screaming at the top of his lungs to not go.  Argh!!  It lasted for an hour and a half!  Didn’t the kid get tired or something?

We finally boarded our plane and the kid finally stopped giving his temper tantrum.  Like the other time, there was no row call, seat call.  It was first come first serve.  I held onto my left arm so I wouldn’t accidentally hit someone.

I thought the pain and swelling would increase in the air, but it didn’t.  The only thing was that it was really uncomfortable to have this cast on in such a tight space.  There was no way I could go to sleep or be comfortable for the next 6 hours.

The meal was actually fresh and we ate with metal utensils!  Sweet!  This was something I don’t normally come across fresh meals and metal utensils on airplanes!  It was amazing!

6 hours later.

We landed in my mecca.  Japan.  I knew I was going to stay in the airport if judging the prices of coffee and some snacks was costing inside.  Granted items inside an airport are already inflated, but, outside would have been a strain on the budget.

I signed up for Boingo, grrr!  since it didn’t want to work after I signed up on the ipad but did on my droid.

I continued on eating real Japanese ramen while tweeting and sending out emails.  The ramen probably had fish in it, but oh well.  

When I finally found my gate number, I met this nice couple who reminded me of Otakus from America.  They spend two weeks in Japan!  How awesome!  Of course the first thing that I asked was how was traveling in Japan financially.  His fiancee had work in Japan so the company took care of the flight and accommodations, but they covered everything else.  Nice!

By 4:40 pm we were boarding our United flight to Newark.  This was a larger airplane and there was someone in my seat.

She asked if we could swap since hers was right next to mine anyway.  Another aisle seat.


Throughout the flight the announcer kept on talking really slow breaking in and out of watching anything on the monitors.  It got so bad that at one point I wanted to shout to just say it in one sitting!

This was going to be a long fourteen hour flight.