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I landed in Newark!  Thank god!  When the customs guy saw me he asked me what had happened to me and I told him.  It was no fun flying with an arm in a cast, let me tell you that!
Grabbed my things and called Dave that I am back in Newark, but I had to take the NJ transit to the 30th street station in Philadelphia to be picked up.  I stuffed my day bag into my Kelty bag to make it easier for me to carry all my things.  When I called my parents to tell them what had happened, they thought I cracked my ribs.

This was the end of my voyage to Vietnam.  What a crazy, fun, and stressful adventure!

Things I learned.

  1. moped drivers in HCMC can quickly change their path and not hit people.
  2. moped drivers in Dalat are not used to tourists.
  3. fracturing a bone abroad sucks.
  4. HCMC is extremely packed with people.
  5. Cambodia is awesome.
  6. I loved adventuring around the Angkor Wat.
  7. Four pairs of clothes and two undie/boxers arent enough if I don’t wash my clothes.


  1. I was finally able to see an orthopedic specialist about a week and a half after the accident.  I went to Rothman center in Philadelphia to get seen.
  2. I had surgery on August 12th.  My very first surgery to get my bones reset and for the surgery team to put a titanium brace with 8 screws to keep my bones in place.

  3. The fracture was much worse than what I was told in Dalat and from the FV hospital.

  4. I am now recovering and undergoing physical therapy.

All in all, this was an adventure that was worth it!  Sure there were some shortcomings, fractured wrist anyone?  But that is all part of the experience.  Would I do this all over again?  Heck yeah!  Only I would like to avoid mopeds and broken bones.