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The latest xray scan of my wrist.

I recently tweeted several tweets of my past injuries or illnesses abroad.  I will list them here in case you are on my twitter.

  1. I had a bad stomach flu in Thailand.  On the last leg, I was keeling over throwing up or pooping diarrhea.  Not to mention the coughing and dark green phlegm I was coughing up!  I was literally living off of tylenol, asprin, and Thai version of pepto bismo.  The flight home was… interesting.
  2. When I was in Killarney, I decided to bike the trails.  Being sore from going around the Ring of Kerry the previous day, I didn’t properly stretch.  After a couple hours of biking, I pulled my groin muscle of all muscles.  One of the muscles in that general area.  Regardless, it was painful!
  3. It all led up to Cinque Terre, but when in Rome, you do as the Romans did.  Walk, hike, and run!  That I did!  Without break!  Every day in Rome and Florence, hiking everywhere, without rest!  So when I went to Cinque Terre, the 8 town on the coast hike, I developed these huuuuuge blisters on my feet and nearly injured my knee from a little slip.  It didn’t help that I had to hike up a huge hill in Verona to get to my campsite.  And the center city was at the bottom of the hill.
  4. I was hit by a moped in Dalat Vietnam.  The hit threw me up into the air and I landed on my left wrist, leaving it fractured.  It sucked!  And I had to wait till I was in the US to get it accurately checked out and surgery!  Physical Therapy has been good in that it is helping me get better!

My lesson here?  Bring a first aid kit!