It has been nearly three full months since I returned from Vietnam and two months since my surgery.

I was asked recently, after being injured, have I exhausted my travel lust?  I can still honestly say that it has not.  There has only been a few things in my life that has retained my constant interest.  My nephew, photography, and traveling.  There is no order of importance here.

A lot of things are fleeting with me.  Largely at fault here, is that I am still looking for my own life’s journey.  Ironically, that also is one of the driving force of my travel-lust.  So I don’t think I want to make drastic changes to that, so I hope to find my journey.  Just modified so I can travel as much as my heart’s, and bank account’s, content.

I find myself constantly daydreaming when and where I will go to next.  If you have followed my blog and twitter, I am sure you will notice that there is always a new country added to my list.

There are some easy responses and answers to this, all of which I have taken into consideration.  Right now my mind is like the song from Coldplay Amsterdam.  I think I really need to do a 6 month adventure.