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Goes hand in hand, just like travel and photography!  🙂

However, biking AND making images at the same time.  Now that is the tricky part!  I am not one for good balance, so holding my camera as I bike is pretty hard right now.  I only went around some trails and places to get used to this idea.  I don’t have a clamp for my 1D to keep it secure on my mountain bike, so it was all held by hand.

It is even trickier going down trails and photographing at the same time.  Maybe that is a little risky and idiotic.  But it was fun!

I am placing an order for a GoPro Hero2 for some additional fun.  Also on the to buy list is the Chrome Niko and a Canon 16-35L. (And then the Canon 1D X. haha!)

I did get off my bike occasionally to walk around, but for the most part I biked.

Ok so maybe there aren’t that many images of actual hand hold while biking shots.  But hey, this is my first time!  I will try to get more and more of those later!  Hmm.. maybe this is more like bike adventuring…