Photographer’s Biography

While growing up, I was passionate about the creative arts. I sang, I drew extensively, and I photographed, while yearning to learn more about my identity and the development of the individual. I did everything I could to pursue art and the mind all the way through college.

I was formally trained to be a psychological researcher. I earned my degree from Rutgers University focusing on Cultural and Personality Psychology and minored in Sociology and Photography. For several years, I focused primarily on graduate school and a little bit on photography. But as soon as I began to travel around the globe, I had to sit down and ask myself something very important. “Why am I kidding myself? I am enjoying photography more than research, so why am I not pursuing photography as a lifestyle?”

After my journey to Ireland, that question began to have more definitive goals and aspirations to it. Become a great photographer. Be better than the ones that came before me and the ones whose work I am enthralled by! So my path towards my livelihood became much clearer. I can still uncover identity in the future, but times and feelings change too fast that those opportunities will never come back!

I am a globe trotting photographer. I need to travel around the world, soaking up the native cultures, to remain sane. As an adventure seeking and playful person, I fully embrace playfulness and openness into my photographs and sessions!

This Blog

This Blog isn’t just to display my fine art photographs or weddings or thoughts, but to document my journeys becoming a photographer. I have been blogging since my sophomore in college, so I tend to blog … a lot.  I know a lot of other wedding photographers blog their weddings and everything related to weddings, but I need to write and put up other work not just weddings as an artist.  I hope you join and stay with me as I journey life as a photographer!

The Weddings

Lovers, travelers, and or all of the above!  Check out my Wedding and Lifestyle work at Ted Nghiem Photography.  As this documents my foray into the world of weddings and the  business of weddings and my attempts to instill my personality and philosophy into this growing field of photographers.