Thank you all.

For four years of dedicated then loosely blogging here of my graduate school toils, adventuring around, mundane thoughts, and other things!  Since then, I have found better inkling of whom I wanted to be, career wise.  While I cannot say that I fully am a photographer, I am in a better position to make that move than when I first started.

While this sounds like a goodbye, although it technically is, I am moving my adventure and personal project/thought blog under my own personal domain,  While that is goes to my wedding and lifestyle work it also links to my new personal/adventure blog/online store,

I am going to keep this site up, since it has my archives of posts since 2007, but, I hope to see you, my reader(s) at my new blog location.

Remember, not all those who wander are lost.


Biking escapades # 2


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After I coming back yesterday from NYC, from an engagement session and then wandering around with my high school bud, Andy, I took a trek to Allaire State Park to bike.  This Park is also where I photographed Pat and Ange’s wedding too.

It was a much needed beautiful weather and bike ride!  I probably did not hit the right trails, but it was still a fun one.  This only means I need to go back for more riding!

And… I didn’t fall down once while shooting and biking!

Biking and photography..


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Goes hand in hand, just like travel and photography!  🙂

However, biking AND making images at the same time.  Now that is the tricky part!  I am not one for good balance, so holding my camera as I bike is pretty hard right now.  I only went around some trails and places to get used to this idea.  I don’t have a clamp for my 1D to keep it secure on my mountain bike, so it was all held by hand.

It is even trickier going down trails and photographing at the same time.  Maybe that is a little risky and idiotic.  But it was fun!

I am placing an order for a GoPro Hero2 for some additional fun.  Also on the to buy list is the Chrome Niko and a Canon 16-35L. (And then the Canon 1D X. haha!)

I did get off my bike occasionally to walk around, but for the most part I biked.

Ok so maybe there aren’t that many images of actual hand hold while biking shots.  But hey, this is my first time!  I will try to get more and more of those later!  Hmm.. maybe this is more like bike adventuring…

Three months since returning from Vietnam

It has been nearly three full months since I returned from Vietnam and two months since my surgery.

I was asked recently, after being injured, have I exhausted my travel lust?  I can still honestly say that it has not.  There has only been a few things in my life that has retained my constant interest.  My nephew, photography, and traveling.  There is no order of importance here.

A lot of things are fleeting with me.  Largely at fault here, is that I am still looking for my own life’s journey.  Ironically, that also is one of the driving force of my travel-lust.  So I don’t think I want to make drastic changes to that, so I hope to find my journey.  Just modified so I can travel as much as my heart’s, and bank account’s, content.

I find myself constantly daydreaming when and where I will go to next.  If you have followed my blog and twitter, I am sure you will notice that there is always a new country added to my list.

There are some easy responses and answers to this, all of which I have taken into consideration.  Right now my mind is like the song from Coldplay Amsterdam.  I think I really need to do a 6 month adventure.

Injured and sick abroad


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The latest xray scan of my wrist.

I recently tweeted several tweets of my past injuries or illnesses abroad.  I will list them here in case you are on my twitter.

  1. I had a bad stomach flu in Thailand.  On the last leg, I was keeling over throwing up or pooping diarrhea.  Not to mention the coughing and dark green phlegm I was coughing up!  I was literally living off of tylenol, asprin, and Thai version of pepto bismo.  The flight home was… interesting.
  2. When I was in Killarney, I decided to bike the trails.  Being sore from going around the Ring of Kerry the previous day, I didn’t properly stretch.  After a couple hours of biking, I pulled my groin muscle of all muscles.  One of the muscles in that general area.  Regardless, it was painful!
  3. It all led up to Cinque Terre, but when in Rome, you do as the Romans did.  Walk, hike, and run!  That I did!  Without break!  Every day in Rome and Florence, hiking everywhere, without rest!  So when I went to Cinque Terre, the 8 town on the coast hike, I developed these huuuuuge blisters on my feet and nearly injured my knee from a little slip.  It didn’t help that I had to hike up a huge hill in Verona to get to my campsite.  And the center city was at the bottom of the hill.
  4. I was hit by a moped in Dalat Vietnam.  The hit threw me up into the air and I landed on my left wrist, leaving it fractured.  It sucked!  And I had to wait till I was in the US to get it accurately checked out and surgery!  Physical Therapy has been good in that it is helping me get better!

My lesson here?  Bring a first aid kit!